Certified collision repair center, inc.

1030 Cassat Avenue Jacksonville Florida 32205

About The 


We are family owned and operated. Our business was founded in 1964 and we have continued to be blessed with loyal customers. We are a third generation business and hope to continue for years to come.

About Our 


We have the best crew in the southeast United States. We care about the quality of the repair of your vehicle. Our body technicians and painters have decades of experience.

Hours: Monday - Friday                                  phone 904.783.1140

8 am - 6 pm                                                fax 904.695.2186


We specialize in collision and cosmetic repair for all makes and models of vehicles. 

All Insurance Claims


We accept all insurance claims. Just bring us your insurance estimate and we will follow-up with the insurance company to make sure your car is repaired to pre-collision condition.